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Rare Disease Day Virtual Event 2022 Recordings

MARCH 2, 2022

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Life with a rare disease can have infinite milestones, setbacks, traumas and triumphs—all likely to be interlaced with a variety of factors that can influence mental health and quality of life.

In fact, psychological symptoms are estimated to affect 75% of rare disease patients. Whether the cause is from the physical disease or dynamics surrounding it, it is time to remove the stigma around talking about mental health, understand the unique challenges of this community, and drive support and solutions to address them.

This Rare Disease Day, Syneos Health partnered with the Rare Disease Innovations Institute (RDII) to produce a patient-powered program focused on the intersection of mental health and rare disease.

Through a series of presentations by experts and advocates in the field—and panel discussions with patients and caregivers—this event shared experiences, perspectives, guidance and resources around the key mental health considerations related to living with a rare disease, and what can be done to address them.

Key Takeaways

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