Tara J. Britt, President of RDII, Named in 11 Most Influential Women in Advanced Therapies

Celebrating women in advanced therapies…

It’s important for our industry to inspire and attract female talent and to value the contribution of women in science if we’re going to achieve gender parity. It’s promising that we’ve seen women being awarded the Nobel Prize in Science, Chemistry and Medicine four times in the last six years. It’s progress, albeit slow.As Sheryl Sandberg famously said, “you cannot be what you cannot see…”

So, for all the women and girls looking towards the advanced therapies industry, and even the wider STEM industry, here are 11 of the most influential women in advanced therapies today.Thanks to all who helped to put this together, including Jana Stoudemire, Delfi Krishna and Sara Mills who are also mentors and leaders in the W.O.M.E.N mentoring programme.

Here’s your list:

  1. Tara Britt
  2. Jennifer Doudna
  3. Maria Fardis, PhD, MBA
  4. Catriona Jamieson
  5. Jeanne Loring
  6. Martina Schussler-Lenz
  7. Christi Shaw
  8. Emily Whitehead Foundation
  9. Samantha Z. Yammine, PhD
  10. Ran Zheng
  11. Claudia Zylberberg

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